Château de Saulon 

Our store

The Domaine de Saulon allows you to take some of its magic home with you! Find now our products of the brand " Château de Saulon ". We put Burgundy in the spotlight by collaborating with local actors.

Our cosmetic range

Find our 100% local hygiene range!

It is elaborated between 95 and 98% with ingredients of natural origin, in the Valley of Ouche, from raw materials from Burgundy and Franche Comté. Our products are entirely made in the Côte d'Or, as we are committed to promoting French know-how and working with producers in our region.


To discover during your next stay and available for sale at the reception:

- Foaming hand gel with Chardonnay

- Burgundy blackcurrant hair and body shower gel

- Body and face milk with black currant from Burgundy.

Our umbrellas

Because we don't have the power yet to reserve the sun for your stays, and because it takes rain to make the beautiful vineyards of Burgundy grow, we offer you our umbrellas.

Our Tote-bags

To take all your belongings with you during your stay at the Château de Saulon.

Our engraved glasses

How would you like to host the Domaine de Saulon at your table?

It is now possible thanks to our collection of engraved wine glasses!

The wines " Domaine de Saulon

To accompany our glasses with the logo of the Château, we propose you the Domaine de Saulon vintage!

Available at the Deux Rivières restaurant during your lunches and dinners, our wines are also available for sale.


For those who are curious, here is the selection that you can find :


  • A red wine from the Juliénas appellation (Beaujolais)
  • A white wine from the Côte de Beaune in IGP Sainte-Marie-la-Blanche
  • A red wine from the Côte de Nuits in AOC Bourgogne Pinot Noir
Our engraved carafes