Château de Saulon ★★★★

The Orangery

A place to live in a green setting

An ancient symbol of prestige in Europe, the orangery of Saulon Castle is a veritable glass slipper set on the steps of the Sansfond River. Designed in 2018 by Rinck, it imitates all the glass-making skills of a bygone era. Indeed, orangeries have their origins in the Italian Renaissance, where they were called limonaia. The new technologies of the time made it possible, for the very first time, to glaze large openings. These architectural works of art were mainly used to shelter citrus fruits that were afraid of frost.

At the Château de Saulon, the Orangery is used all year round, for all your receptions, from company gatherings to the most prestigious weddings. The Orangery of the Château de Saulon is a very popular venue, thanks to its year-round brightness, its size, its environment and its versatility. It takes advantage of the slightest ray of sunshine, especially in winter. It is possible to celebrate in peace and quiet (if the estate is privatised).

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